Week-long 21st Birthday celebration

21stHugoAlthough my birthday was only on the 4th of March the ‘celebration’ already started on 1st of March.  Upon arriving at my girlfriend’s place, she gave me a set of clues that lead to gifts that was hidden all over the rather big plot. With some clues as vague as: “white as snow, green as grass, red as blood, sugar sweet”.

The gifts that I had to find by solving clues.

The gifts that I had to find by solving clues.

With some of the gifts came a inspiring, loving short story of how the gift is related to our relationship or life in general.  Afterwards she made huge homemade Burgers (meaning she made the patty from scratch, except for actually killing of a cow or donkey or kangaroo or whatever it is that is really in our meat).

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Timelapse – Cupboard painting itself

Ever since I saw the first timelapse of something being built or painted in highspeed without actuall seeing people do it, I wanted to make one myself.

I had quite a few ideas such as building a sand castle or assembling something. It would however take a long time as I don’t have any special equipment or friends (just kidding) to press the shutter everytime I exit the frame. So I had to do this myself.

I finally found the perfect opportunity. My girlfriend wanted to paint the back of their kitchen counter with chalkboard paint, but it was too expensive. So I broke into her apartment and surprised her with this video.

After watching the movie I realised it would have looked much better if the brush was in every frame on or in the paintbucket, so as to make it look like the brush is dunking itself and then painting again.

So tussen lewe en dood: Twee vir die prys van een

Oupa.resizedMy vriende veral die wat al ‘n naas bestaande verloor het sal weet dat ek té normaal gevoel het omdat niemand naby aan my nog dood is nie en dat ek redeneer so ‘n verlies my lewe opwindend sal maak.

My ‘wens’ is uiteindelik vervul en dit sommer in ‘n dubbele dosis. Op ongeveer 9vm op Dinsdag 15 Januarie (sowat ‘n maand na sy 87ste verjaarsdag) was my oupa dood rustig (no pun intended) op pad ontbyt tafel toe, toe sy bene net onder hom ingee soos dit al telkemale die afgelope paar maande gebeur het. My ouma en die suster (nie die familie soort) het hom terug bed toe gedra soos oudergewoonte. Die suster kon nie ‘n pols voel nie, maar het stilgebly hieroor soos protokol vereis en het die jongste seun gebel en gesê hulle moet kom. Al die broers en susters (2 elk) was gou daar en intussen het ER ook opgedaag. Deur alles deur dink ouma egter steeds net oupa is net baie moeg en nie ‘lekker’ nie. Een van die rooi geklede personeellede vra naderhand kan ons maar die kombers oor sy kop trek. Ouma antwoord steeds niksvermoedend: “Nee, hy kla gewoonlik dit is bietjie warm” waarop die ER lid emosieloos antwoord: “Mevrou die man is dood.” Continue reading

Die wêreld waarin in ons leef

‘n Onlangse insident het my binneste geruk soos ek nie eens geweet het my apatiese hart geruk kan word nie.

My goeie vriend Jaco het op sy persoonlike webtuiste (vir familie en vriende?) ‘n resensie (of voor mense weer op hol gaan; ‘n persoonlik lees ervaring) geskryf oor Adriaan Basson se boek Zuma Exposed. Continue reading

Home made Steadicam Alpha


See how the camera stays horizontal even with extreme side-to-side motion of my hand. The vertical movement is just my own stupidity.

Jaco and I decided to make our very own steadicam or glidecam after I showed him some videos that my YouTube hero Devin Super Tramp made.

The next day Jaco sent me a link to a DIY page and today we actually started building our own one.

We went to the local Builder’s Warehouse where we found the parts quite easy, but paying for it and leaving the premises was another story.

At the contractor’s desk the lady first had to call in “professional” help for us to be able to buy the wood and pipes we wanted in the minimum length of 1m.

Jaco acting as a comparison tool to show the lenght of the pipes and wood.

Jaco acting as a comparison tool to show the length of the pipes and wood we got even though we only needed 10cm of each.

In the end we only got the 100mm pipe in 1m the 75mm we had to take the full 6m and they gave us 5.4m wood after the sales lady confirmed that it is only 1m that costs R41. At the security gate the lady insisted on remeasuring the wood claiming that it is 1m to long. Upon telling her that I did not have anything to do with the loading of the wood (Builder’s warehouse staff took the slip, cut the wood and put it in the car), she said: “He could be your friend” referring to the guy that cut the wood. Seriously? In the end she let us go, with a “warning”.

We finished the basic concept within 2-3 hours. We still need to add the weights, better secure the gyroscope thingy and build a camera mount, but the preliminary results looks promising.

Watch this space as we fine tune this baby.